Do You Know The Fashion That Is Going To Be The Fad In 2017?

Fashion is something that is ever changing, and you must keep up with the trend all the time. This is why here are the few fashions that will come and go in the year 2017.

The Fashion That Is In

1. The stripes are in
This trend of wearing stripes does not want to go and will also live to see the year 2017. This has been there for many seasons, and people are still loving it.

2. Sneakers are popular
The sneakers are something that you can wear with any kind of outfit and hey just blend in. There are so many of the varieties available in the market that you will never be out of style.

3. Artistic theme wear
Having to wear some artist’s inspiration is something to be proud of. These days it is a great way of expressing oneself by wearing that is art inspired, and it is going to continue in the year 2017.

4. Simplicity is the best virtue
This year will also see people flaunting their simplest items from the wardrobe. Elegance is something they are looking for, and you need to make then the only staple choice.

5. The mules will take the load
Mules will definitely take a load of fashion in the industry this year. Whatever they are, flat or low block or healed or just mule sneakers you can get them in all styles.

Fashion That Is Out

But certain trends will not be followed at all in the year 2017 such as

1. The corset
This style is something that will see a setback in this year. This trend was a major hit last year, and many celebrities and models flaunted this style.

2. Similarly skinny jeans and very high heels will also take a back seat now and allow the fresher trends do the talking.

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